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The Recruiter - Candidate Relationship


In the current job market it's best to keep all of your options open and connect with an experienced and reliable executive recruiting/advisory firm. Recruiters are the forefront of the job market and are very useful contacts. A good recruiter will provide you with guidance; will work with you on your resume; will give you advice about organizations you may be considering for employment and will coach/assist you with interviewing techniques.

There are several characteristics that distinguish an experienced and reliable recruiter from others:
  1. The recruiter calls you with specific opportunities and discloses the information about the position and potential employer to you.
  2. The recruiter will ask for your authorization to submit your resume and not just wall paper the town with it which might ruin your name and reputation.
  3. The recruiter will take your needs and expectations into consideration and provide you true guidance regarding the next step in your career.

One of the most important factors in any type of relationship is communication. In order for the recruiter to be able to assist you in the best way possible, you need to maker him/her aware of:
  • your situation (presently employed, laid off, resigned, etc.)
  • companies you have submitted your resume to or have interviewed with recently (letting the recruiter know that you have applied for an opportunity is essential as being presented more than one time for the same position can send a negative message about you to the company that you are trying to get an interview with)
  • special requests such as flexibility, sponsorship, relocation, etc.
It is important to communicate with your recruiter on a regular basis. You need to follow up with the recruiter via a phone call or an email as things in the job market change often. A good recruiter will present you with opportunities you qualify for once they become available.

Build strong ongoing relationships with your recruiter. Offer to give him/her referrals as this will assist other candidates just like you with possible opportunities to continue their careers.

Finding the right opportunity may be time consuming but don't give up. Remain positive, be patient and trust your recruiter.

At Global Advisory Solutions, we care about you and your career. Global operates with the highest standard of ethics, integrity and professionalism.  We value our long lasting relationships and continuously strive to earn our clients business. We take great pride in giving the highest level of professional service to both our clients and our candidates.  We are committed to complete customer satisfaction and mutually rewarding long-term relationships.

We strive to match our candidates to opportunities that fit their needs and goals. Even if you are not in the market for a career move at this time, it doesn't hurt to know a good recruiter; you never know when you may need one. Feel free to contact one of our consultants at (888) 582-4791.


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