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Increased Demand for Accounting and Finance Professionals


The employment picture of accounting and finance professionals is one of the brighter spots in todays economy. We find that companies have now found it necessary to increase permanent hiring to meet new financial reporting requirements. There are a number of attractive options for today's accounting and finance professionals. Accounting opportunities are growing at a steady pace that is expected to continue for years to come. Employment of accountants in public practice will remain especially strong, with firms nationwide reporting more business. In addition to the increased demand for experienced public accountants, recent changes in tax laws have solidified the position of tax & audit work as the profession's mainstay. Further, professionals with a variety of skills and education can anticipate expanded opportunities over the next several years.

Accounting firms have found they are more likely to keep individual clients longer by offering them more services. Therefore, accountants are assuming more responsibility, which in turn raises their value to the client and firm. Another emerging trend is that of education and certification. Nurtured by the recent accounting scandals, there is an increased need for financial and accounting professionals who can detect and prevent financial fraud. As a result, the field of Forensic Accounting has been growing at a progressive rate.

To capitalize on growth trends and new opportunities, accounting and finance professionals need to keep their skills sharp. It's critical to conduct due diligence on companies they are considering for employment. Will the product or service the company sells continue to be in demand or is it on the declining side of its life cycle? Is the leadership stable, experienced and innovative, with a well-defined plan for continued growth? Do they have a vision for the position being filled? Trends have shown that more and more accounting and finance professionals have chosen to utilize search firms like us to represent them because of the research the firm conducts for each client, guidance that the firm gives on the interview process & overall support.

Please feel free to contact one of our consultants at Global Advisory Solutions to discuss these and other important accounting and finance topics affecting today's job market.


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